Caby civil and residential time softener. Timer Logix autotrol valve 
Cod.: CBA06/740
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The softeners of the Caby series, in the cab version, are systems made with top quality components. The valve installed is Autotrol with Timer Logix; a guarantee of robustness, ease of use and practicality.

How a softener works Softeners.
They are systems that, thanks to the combined action of various elements, remove the harmful effect of limescale. This removal can take place totally or partially, depending on the use to which the water is intended. This equipment is operated using ion exchange resins, which are regenerated using a solution of sodium chloride, i.e. common salt. Regeneration of the resins can be carried out by means of an electromechanical head by time, volume or manually.

What a softener is used for.
Thanks to the presence of the softener, the well-known damage caused to heating systems by limescale deposits and the resulting increase in electricity and gas consumption are eliminated. Hard water also stains and ruins chrome surfaces, wears out taps and fittings, fills pipes, crusts boilers, water heaters, household appliances, felts laundry and, as if that were not enough, wastes soap and detergents, contributing to polluting the environment with enormous quantities of phosphorous through the drains.

Resin litres: 6;
Salt vat capacity: 13 l;
Flow rate: 1500 l/h;
Dimensions: (H)51 x 24 x 43 cm;
Cyclic capacity: 36 m³/°F;

Autotrol valve 255,with timer 740 time Logix with 3/4" or 1";
Connections Glass fibre reinforced polyethylene cylinder Made in Italy;
Max working pressure 8 Bar;
Max temperature 30°C;
12V power supply, with power supply unit included.

A pressure reducer and non-return valve must be installed upstream of the system, not included.


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