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Water treatment equipment. Reverse osmosis system, residential and industrial version. The system must undergo routine maintenance. Italy Water Reverse Osmosis systems have been designed to have maximum reliability and quality over time, the components used have been selected from the best brands.

2 reverse osmosis membranes, 8";
Nominal production: 2.00-2.20 mc/h;
Consumption: 5.5 Kw;
Dimensions: 100 x 280 x h 170cm;
Partial recovery of the concentrate: 30/50%;


Data referred to inlet water at a temperature of 20°C and 1500 mg/L NaCl;
Operating pressure 10-15 bar - Inlet pressure 2 bar - Rejection 98/99,7%

Three-phase electric version 380 V standard (T).

- Dosing pumps, chemical products, filtration system and other accessories not indicated. The control unit can be purchased with the modules: ETHERNET, GSM, WI FI, MODBUS.
- The system can be administered remotely.
- Microprocessor Digital Control Unit available on the entire range.

The above data may vary according to the water to be treated. It is possible to create systems with customized dimensions. The plants are intended without filtration and chemical treatment. For the sizing of the pre-treatment and any post-treatment, contact our Technical Department.

For correct operation, detailed chemical-physical and microbiological analysis are required, our technical department will create a projection to optimize the operation of the system by establishing flow rates and pressures . The guarantee of the membranes is limited to that of the manufacturer, Italy Water is not responsible for any anomalies, furthermore the filter cartridges, o-rings and any other consumables are excluded from the guarantee.

The price of the system is to be understood excluding the predisposition for industry 4.0.
For info and costs, contact our Sales Department: commerciale@italywater.it

Main features:

- Skid in AISI 304 stainless steel.
- Pressurization unit entirely in AISI304 with multistage vertical axis.
- IN/OUT conductivity reading.
- Water temperature indicator.
- Recirculation system on the electric pump.
- Recirculation system for partial recovery of the concentrate.
- Mixing system.
- Flowmeters on permeate, concentrate and recirculation concentrate.
- Non-return valves in PVC-U.
- Fittings and piping in PVC-U.
- Ø 63 stainless steel case with glycerine control pressure gauges, present on each OUT vessel, water inlet and permeate.
- Brass minimum pressure switch and stainless steel maximum pressure switch.
- Solenoid valves Brass and/or plastic.
- Latest generation 4" reverse osmosis membranes.
- Vessel 4" made in fiberglass.
- Flushing system at each machine stop with osmotic water taken from the tank.
- Storage tank level management with contact by-pass.
- Conductivity reading on permeated and incoming water.
- Alarm management
- Arrangement for chemical washing of the membranes.
- Control unit with backlit LCD display.
- Three-phase electrical panel IP65 (on request single-phase version where possible).
- Engine protection switch, electric pump contactor and accessories, release coil controlled by the emergency mushroom switch, control lights: operation, anomalies and thermal.
- The use of three-piece unions allows the disassembly of each component with the utmost simplicity.
- Manual for installation, use and maintenance: on CD-ROM and on paper.


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