Pro Box Slim Under Sink 
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Impianto senza centralina B24 non conforme al D.M. 25/2012:


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Pro Box Slim is a line of professional quality continuous cycle products with a stainless steel body, designed with small dimensions to ensure installation under the plinth, but at the same time guarantee a high production of refined water up to 100 litres/hour.

Reverse osmosis equipment for domestic use for the treatment of drinking water. The system must undergo routine maintenance.

Two sizes available:

Pro Box Slim 70 with 2 x 150 gallon membranes, 500GPD booster pump and 70 litres/hour production of refined water;
Pro Box Slim 100 with 2 x 280 gallon membranes, 800GPD booster pump and production of 100 litres/hour of refined water;

Two pre-treatment stages:

- 1st sediment cartridge in line 5 µm, 2.5".
- 2nd activated vegetable carbon cartridge (coconut) in line 2.5".

Plant dimensions: 46x 36.5 xh 9cm.
Dimensions with box: 49 x 21 xh 43cm.
Weight: 8 Kg.

As required by Ministerial Decree No. 25 of 7 February 2012, if the system is installed for potable use, it must be equipped with a system that blocks the supply of water and notify the user that maintenance is required.
This warning must be audible and visual.
This system is guaranteed by the control unit, designed by Italy Water Group.

Two pre-treatment stages:
- 1st sediment cartridge in line 5 µm, 2.5".
- 2nd activated vegetable carbon cartridge (coconut) in line 2.5".

- AISI 304 stainless steel body;
- Booster pump 24 VDC, high performance 500GPD and 800GPD
- Control pressure gauge:  Ø40mm stainless steel case with glycerine;
- Quality fittings and tubing: John Guest/DMFit;
- Maximum pressure switch in plastic;
- Plastic minimum pressure switch;
- Solenoid valve: 24 VAC;
- Mixing system: DMFit needle valve;
- Flow regulations: John Guest ball valve;
- 2 Reverse osmosis membranes: 150GPD and 280GPD;
- Flow regulator: in line;
- Elegant small tap in AISI 304 stainless steel;
- Installation kit: water intake, drain tie, pipe;

Manual for installation, use and maintenance:
- Bar Code complete version;
- Fast paper.

The main characteristics of the unit designed by Italy Water are:

> Anti-flooding system;
> Automatic flushing;
> Alert for filter replacement both by time and by volume with or without water supply block, reset and restore;
> Management of minimum and maximum pressure switches, pump and solenoid valve;
> Signalling: acoustic buzzer;
> Activation and deactivation of the functions via Dip-switch;
> Power supply: 24VDC;
> Made in Italy, designed by Italy Water Group.


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