Brief interview with our CEO: Daniele Brucoli presents the Italy Water Group project

Q: Italy Water was founded in 1999: how would you summarize these 23 years, analyzing your past and the path you have taken up to now?

A: With a motto that condenses all our values ​​in three words: “experience that looks to the future”.

We have been dealing with water treatment for more than twenty years, both in the civil and industrial fields, and our business has been marked by a constantly growing trend thanks to all that we have dedicated to investments, research and development.

Our mission is to create high quality products that meet the needs of our customers, which is why we have never stopped in the field of research and innovation.

Q: The water treatment market is decidedly competitive. What are the products that most characterize the company and why should a customer's choice fall on Italy Water?

A: Distribution of components and spare parts conveyed through the historic WHT brand.

Osmosis systems - from those for domestic use, under the sink, to those useful for industrial processes - softeners, filtration systems, microfiltration, dosing stations are the pillars of our production; in recent years we have expanded the range by adding coolers, again for domestic use but also for the HO.RE.CA. or communities, glass bottles and stainless steel flasks. The constant element is the maintenance of quality, which settles at very high levels.

Since we deal directly with design, production and distribution, we have the entire supply chain that leads to the creation of the product under control and we are able to intervene at every stage in order to work together with the customer, quickly and with maximum versatility. In our experience, this standard strengthens customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Team spirit, attention to human resources, competence and transparency are the intangible ingredients that seal the pact of trust with our interlocutors.

D: Speaking of bottles and flasks, our thoughts turn to one of the significant themes of the new millennium, namely the one concerning ecology, which calls for concrete responses and actions from companies so that they adapt and face the environmental emergency, each in your sector. How does Italy Water stand in the face of what must be an epochal turning point?

A: Our continuous evolution and the dynamism of the company are the reason for an ever-living attention to problems related to the exploitation of natural resources and - to respond directly to the question - the installation of our products helps to reduce the pollution in full respect of Nature, lightening the environment from the use, for example, of disposable plastic, avoiding waste, optimizing resources.

D: The period we are going through has been a test bed for individuals and businesses, at all levels: how have you evolved compared to the pre-pandemic and what are your plans for the near future?

A: Water is the most important requirement of every living being on Earth and the management of its supply/treatment systems is fundamental and essential. Of course, we had to study new procedures that would guarantee continuity of services despite the difficulties and restrictions, and consequently we have strengthened and simplified contact with customers thanks to the implementation of B2B e-commerce: our commercial and technical team has listening to the needs of our customers and making the new technology much more responsive, the use of the platform has been simplified, the interface is even more user friendly and we have launched a wide range of products on the market at a very attractive price.

We are working on technological projects with a very strong Green connotation, important new projects are on the table and the inclusion of other brands that promptly identify this trend and the continuous revolution we are subjecting ourselves to in order to achieve ever more ambitious and - at the same time - consistent with our values ​​and our professionalism.

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