Our industry 4.0 compliant plants

Today Italy Water Group, more than ever, encourages industrial automation that integrates some new technologies to increase the productivity and production quality of the plants.

It is essential to grasp, understand and use the enormous amount of data, we at Italy Water have taken care of the analysis of these regulations, transforming them into solutions, for you and for your customers.

Osmo Direct 4.0 systems are complete with remote maintenance and remote diagnosis systems with the possibility of viewing the operating details remotely in order to always check the functioning of the machine.

The monitoring system with Italy Water 4.0 control unit ensures and tracks the quality of the product and/or the production process which allow to qualify the production processes in a documented way and connected to the factory information system.


Osmo Direct 4.0 implants

The Italy Water 4.0 control unit coordinates the operation of the system and manages the main functions such as:

Low pressure control; High pressure control; Osmosis production pump high temperature alarm; Filter alarm;
Dosing pump alarm; Generic alarm (editable); Inlet water conductivity alarm; Permeated water conductivity alarm.

All these functions will be easily implemented through the software procedures that equip the operations center, allowing time management reality of events and a clear representation of them on the video terminal.

Mandatory requirements

1) Control by means of CNC and/or PLC, when the machine/plant has PC programmable logic control solutions;

2) Interconnection to internal factory computer systems with remote loading of instructions and/or part programs, by means of a connection based on documented specifications. The asset must be uniquely identified, in order to recognize the origin of the information;

3) Automated integration with the factory logistics system or with the supply network and/or with other machines in the production cycle;

4) Simple and intuitive human/machine interface;

5) Compliance with the latest standards in terms of safety, health and hygiene at work.

Additional Requirements

1) Remote maintenance and/or remote diagnosis and/or remote control systems;

2) Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters through suitable sets of sensors and adaptivity to process drifts;

3) Features of integration between the physical machine and/or plant with the modeling and/or simulation of its behavior in carrying out the process (cyber-physical system).


The interconnection requirement requires that water treatment plants are able to meet certain characteristics:

- exchange information with internal systems (e.g.: management system, planning systems, product design and development systems, monitoring and control, even remotely, etc.) and/or external systems ( e.g.: customers, suppliers, collaborative design and development partners, other production sites, etc.) by means of a connection based on documented, publicly available and internationally recognized specifications (examples: ModBus, TCP-IP, HTTP, MQTT, etc.);

- unique identification in order to recognize the origin of information, through the use of international addressing standards.

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